14K White gold grills

The unique white-gray color of 14K white gold is a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. The material has qualities that lend themselves perfectly to a grill. Think of the strength and durability of the material. This assures you of a perfectly fitting piece that you will enjoy for a long time.

14K Rose gold grills

The soft pink luster of 14K rose gold is one that holds appeal for many. A rose gold grill is just a little different than a "standard" yellow gold grill.

How we work

At Twenty20Jewelry, we understand that your jewelry is more than just accessories; it is a reflection of your personality and style. Our working method is all about turning your creative vision into reality.

Whether you are looking for custom grillz, unique tooth accessories, or custom jewelry designed just for you, we are ready to guide you on a journey of self-expression and individuality. Our process is simple, transparent and most importantly, personal.

Discover below how we work with you to turn your dreams into jewelry.

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Make an appointment

Choose a product and stop by to have a print made.

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Kick back & Relax

We go to work on your grill, tooth or custom design.

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Finished? We will contact you

As soon as it is ready we will contact you. We will send the product to you or come pick it up in the store.

Cleaning and maintenance

It is important to properly maintain your grill or gold tooth. This way your jewelry will last longer and is also better for your teeth. The most common maintenance problems are discoloration or that the tooth does not sit properly. Fortunately, this is easy to fix!

What we always want to make clear to the customer is that the grills are purely intended as jewelry. This means that you cannot wear them permanently. For permanent jewelry a different type of alloy for gold/silver is used.

It is also not intended that you eat, sleep or brush your teeth with the grill in. This can cause the jewelry to become dull or broken and you may damage your own teeth. You may drink with the grill in, but preferably with a straw. 

Because the teeth are custom-made by hand, it can sometimes happen that when you put in your grill it doesn't fit quite right. Do not wear the jewelry and do not fidget with it! Make an appointment and come by. We will make it fit again. For this we need you and the impression of your teeth.

Of course, what you can do to make the grill last as long as possible is to store your tooth or grill properly. You will always get a box where you can store the jewelry. Put this in a fixed place so you never lose it!

It is always wise when you wear the grill a lot to come by once a year for a cleaning. This costs €10,-. We will polish it for you and make sure it is like new again.

Because the grill is in your mouth it has a lot to endure. Through the acids of your saliva and drinks, there is a good chance that the gold or silver will discolor. Fortunately, this is easily solved with a microfiber cloth and silver polish (do not use a scouring pad as this will scratch it!). You do this by putting some of the silver polish on a cloth and gently brushing it over the tooth, see video for instructions. Make sure you rinse it off with water before putting it back in your mouth. It also happens very occasionally that a white layer forms over the grill. This is plaque and is more difficult to remove. So don't try this yourself.

At Twenty20jewelry we offer a warranty. This applies to fitting, discoloration and cracking due to wear of your grill or jewelry. Should you have handled the grill or jewelry irresponsibly, this is not covered by the warranty.


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