The Passion for Custom Jewelry and Grillz

My name is Edgar Boudens, since 2011 I have been making jewelry. Here my passion lies mainly in making custom jewelry and grillz. In the early years I combined this with another job, but in 2018 I decided to go for it full 110% and focus completely on Twenty20jewelry.

In 2021 I got the chance to open a store in Arnhem center. Before this I was located with my workshop on the industrial area in Andelst. Together with my girlfriend we made the choice to make our dream come true and put all our energy into the store.

Since then I have grown rapidly as a goldsmith and jewelry designer. I want to continue this for years to come and herewith my goal is to make Twenty20jewelry a Brandname. I do this by giving a positive experience piece by piece and customer by customer from idea to jewelry. I find it important to deliver a piece of jewelry which is worn or given with pride and a good feeling.

Meet the team


In 2018, I founded Twenty20jewelry. I started small and now we have a beautiful store in Arnhem center.


I have been working at twenty20jewelry for 2 years now. You mainly see me in the store for making prints or advice. I also sit behind the workbench and help produce and finish grillz and gold teeth.


I mainly deal with social media, content, administration actually everything that happens behind the scenes. I have been away for a while due to family expansion, but together with a new marketing team you are going to see a lot of us.

Custom pieces for the Hennessy event

In 2019, I made custom pieces for all members of the Hennessy Society. Think of Bokoesam, Cho, Hef, Jonna Fraser, Ray Fuego, Spanker, Winne, Yung Felix and Yung Nnelg, Josylvio, Ronnie Flex and Sevn Alias.