Teeth & Grillz

Certainly, with the making of the grill or tooth is also taken into account the splint behind your teeth.

No, for permanent teeth, we recommend contacting your dentist.

I guarantee that the tooth will fit properly. However, it happens very occasionally that the tooth needs to be adjusted slightly. Is this the case? Please contact me and we will adjust it for you.

Does the grill or gold tooth damage my teeth?

Eating is not recommended, drinking is not a problem. Keep in mind that by drinking or eating surface discoloration will occur more quickly. This can easily be polished at home with a silver or gold polish.

Payment & Delivery

Amounts under €200 must be paid in full in advance. For amounts over €200 we charge 50% as a deposit and you must pay the remaining 50% when the product is ready.

No, to keep the quality as high as possible we make all molds in our workshop. You will have to come by once for this.

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