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With us, it's all about your style and personality. We are no ordinary jewelry store, we are a destination for creative self-expression. Our grillz, teeth and custom jewelry are the perfect way to tell your unique story. From subtle and sophisticated to bold and extravagant, we have something for everyone. Your style, your rules - that's what Twenty20Jewelry stands for.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our collections, design your own grillz and jewelry, and let your personality shine. Explore the possibilities at Twenty20Jewelry and start expressing your unique style today. Shine bright, stay unique!

What we do


Every grill is handmade. For this we use only high quality precious metals. They are NOT permanent pieces.

Yellow gold grillz
White & rose gold grillz
Silver grillz


Perfectly fitting a gold or silver tooth is a true art

Yellow gold teeth
White & rose gold teeth
Silver teeth


From personal, engagement rings, commemorative jewelry to large rapper size pendants

How we work

At Twenty20Jewelry, we understand that your jewelry is more than just accessories; it is a reflection of your personality and style. Our working method is all about turning your creative vision into reality.

Whether you are looking for custom grillz, unique tooth accessories, or custom jewelry designed just for you, we are ready to guide you on a journey of self-expression and individuality. Our process is simple, transparent and most importantly, personal.

Discover below how we work with you to turn your dreams into jewelry.

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Make an appointment

Choose a product and stop by to have a print made.

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Kick back & Relax

We go to work on your grill, tooth or custom design.

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Finished? We will contact you

As soon as it is ready we will contact you. We will send the product to you or come pick it up in the store.

Our Story




My name is Edgar Boudens, since 2011 I have been making jewelry. Here my passion lies mainly in making custom jewelry and grillz. In the early years I combined this with another job, but in 2018 I decided to go for it full 110% and focus completely on Twenty20jewelry.