Handmade and of high quality

Your grill, our craftsmanship. We create the perfect fitting grill for you with an eye for detail! 

All our gold grillz are made of high quality 14 or 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold or silver

 Caution! Not permanent

The grillz are intended as jewelry and are worn by sliding them over the tooth. Our grillz are not permanent

Yellow gold teeth

Yellow gold teeth are found in many different cultures and therefore have been worn for many years. It was then that gold teeth were only worn permanently. Now that a sliding tooth can also be made as an option, it is more accessible to many more people. A gold tooth is now seen as a piece of jewelry and therefore more accepted. Even for a single tooth the possibilities are endless, think of engravings, stones, motifs and much more.

White & rose gold teeth

White Gold

What distinguishes 14 karat white gold from silver is its grayish color and value. White gold is a strong material making it perfect for gold teeth. The darker color makes it just a little less shiny and tougher as jewelry.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a color less often used in jewelry than, for example, white or yellow gold. That doesn't make it any less beautiful! The subtle red glow in 14-karat rose gold teeth ensure that you have a unique and individual product.

Silver teeth

The perfect option for anyone who is not a big fan of gold or only wears silver jewelry. Silver requires a bit more maintenance, but if you keep it up properly you will enjoy your masterpiece for a long time!